Leviticus - Live At Bobfest 2003 (CD)

5 full length albums from Leviticus have been completely remastered and are available on CD with LTD Trading Cards, 8 page booklet in a jewel case. 

  • CD Limited to 500 Pressed
  • 8 Page Booklet in Jewel Case, w/ Lyrics & Photos
  • CD Release Date: Nov. 5, 2021

Leviticus could sure school the current generation of metal fans a few things, starting with the longevity that goes hand in hand with creating quality art that has stood the test of time.  Leviticus interweaved a foundation of melodic metal with tendencies towards power metal with I Shall Conquer, The Strongest Power and Setting Fire to the Earth along with some brilliant AOR moments with Knights of Heaven, thanks to John and Dino Elefante, to only be topped off with one of the best live performances ever (yeah, I just said that) Live at BobFest, which has none of what we all hated about live albums. More on that later.

 Let's back up a moment! 

Unlike the USA, not a lot of Christian Heavy Metal came out of Sweden. There have been a few bands, most notably Blindside, Crimson Moonlight, Divinefire, Jerusalem, Narnia, Pantokrator, Veni Domine, XT and of course Leviticus founded by Björn Stigsson, Håkan Andersson and Kjell Andersson in the early 80′s. 

LEVITICUS amassed a huge following in Europe but attracted a much smaller following among Christian headbangers in America who had to scramble to find their products pre-internet. Thankfully, their albums were released in the United States on labels such as Pure Metal, Refuge, Spectra, and Solid Rock. 



In 2003, 13 years later, the band released the album, Live at Bobfest. Thankfully Live at Bobfest gives you all the things you want in a live performance and none of the things you don't and just might be one of the best live albums you have ever set your ears to.  Live albums are not popular for three main reasons.  The audio quality is nowhere near the level and quality of studio albums, the singer often goes off into different vocal arrangements or lack thereof, which is not what the fans wanna hear, they want to sing along to the same song that they've been singing along to in their car.  The other reason would be all the ad lib and talking between songs and chiding with the crowd.  Without context it's impossible to feel like you were a part of it.  


Leviticus – Live At Bobfest (2003)
Björn Stigsson – All guitars and vocals
Peo Pettersson - Lead vocals and
Niklas Edberger - Keyboards
Kjell Andersson - Drums
Niklas Franklin – Bass

  1. Flames Of Fire
  2. Saved
  3. Messiah
  4. Oh Lord
  5. Majestic In Power
  6. On The Rock
  7. All Is Calm
  8. Born Again
  9. The Suffering Servant
  10. Deborah And Barak
  11. I'm Gonna Rock