Who is Ben?

Ben always waits 'til later. 
Ben always thinks he can get a better deal. 
Ben sits at home with no new music.

So Who's Ben you ask? 

Ben is a guy that always misses out. 

We are sorry if you miss out.
We are also sorry if your name is Ben.


But here's the truth....


We all have been that guy or girl.  We have all procrastinated only to come back and find none left. Or even worse, it's still there, but now it's 3 times the price because there is only 1 left. 

At Limited Run Music we don't want you to have any of those unpleasantries.  We want you to Win in life.   We want you to get what you want, at the price you want, without missing out.   

If you grab it now, you're guaranteed to get one of these limited run releases and ensure that you have the best possible price and not be gouged later on eBay. That's what we call winning and living your best life.

In other words.... don't be like Ben!  


So here's your Permission to Win™. 

Brought to you by Ben's Regret!